Which is the Best Slow Cooker Brand?

If you love stews and pot roasts, having a slow cooker in your kitchen would come in handy. But how exactly to choose the best slow cooker for your needs? A slow cooker uses low temperature which allows you to let your dish cook over time without the need to have it closely supervised.  So let us review the brands of the best slow cookers to give you information on which suits you best.

All-Clad Best Slow Cooker

The All-Clad slow cooker is one of the best slow cookers available in the market.  As with other All-clad cookware, it has a stainless steel exterior finish.  This oval-shaped slow cooker is very handy and easy to use with a built-in programmable timer and different temperature settings.  The polished finish makes it very elegant to look at, together with its glass cover lid.  The handles, as in other All-clad pans, are nicely riveted onto the cooker.  For more information, read other All-clad reviews or visit any All-clad outlet.


Cuisinart is also a well know brand of cookware.  It is one of the less pricey alternatives for cookware.  The Cuisinart slow cooker has a brushed stainless steel finish, as opposed to the polished finish of the All-clad slow cooker but they have the same glass cover lid.  It also has a built-in programmable timer and different temperature settings.  After the cooking time is up, the Cuisinart slow cooker, by design, will switch to keep warm preventing your dish from getting overcooked while maintaining it warm and ready to eat.

All-Clad: Best Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach

There is a wide selection of Hamilton Beach slow cookers to choose from.  They even have a portable one where you can carry the slow cooker with the dish in it without having to worry about spilling its contents.  This is probably their edge against their rival slow cooker.

Good luck in selecting the best slow cooker for your cooking needs!