Choosing The Best Frying Pan

Fry pans are very handy tools in preparing dishes that require searing and frying. We mostly see them in the morning for preparing omelets and bacon served as breakfast. But the frying pan has more uses than just frying eggs and bacon. Grilling, sautéing, and browning food are some other implementations. Choosing the best frying pan would mean you’ll get the most useful cooking material for your daily use. A day without frying pans is like a day without a healthy and delicious breakfast so choosing wisely is very necessary.

Let’s continue our discussion and talk about the best fry pan brands and materials available in the market. There are different types like cast iron fry pans, electric frypans, stainless steel fry pans, or ceramic frying pans. It is important to know about different types of pans when it comes to cooking performance and cookware care instructions. For the different brands of frying pans, quality depends on your preference and convenience.

Most reputable brands like All-Clad, Cuisinart, Calphalon are just a few names that produce the best frying pans. When it comes to quality, performance, and popularity these are very popular. But numerous brands also produce good quality products. And it’s just a matter of personal and budgetary preference.

All-Clad Frying Pan

Green Frying PanFor the different types of frying pans, let’s start with the non-stick features. Stainless steel frying pans are elegant looking and are durable, it is also corrosion-free and it’s easy to maintain and clean. However, on its non-stick feature, it is not as great as to cast iron frying pan. You can season it with oil well and have one of the best non-stick pans that you could ever have.

Nevertheless, hard anodized cookware is usually my choice if I have to pick a go-to pan for frying. I like the durability of hard anodized cookware, as well as its non-stick coating. Electric frying pans are also handy, they come in different sizes, shapes. And most of them have a non-stick coating. The deep frying pan is a good choice for frying foods that require deep frying like fried chicken, and potato fries. Other makes of frying pans are ceramic and even glass frying pans but needed to be preheated and liberally seasoned with oil before cooking.

When choosing frying pans, make sure that you choose pans that do not contain PFOA, this is a toxic chemical and that is found in studies to be a contributory factor to thyroid disease. To make sure that the pan that you are going to buy is free from this chemical always try to seek opinions from other users by looking for frying pans reviews online or in magazines and always read the label of the product before buying. Remember, choosing wisely before buying is the best practice for you to have your desired frying cookware that you will be using for the coming years.


All-Clad Fry Pan: Better Results

The “Okay”: Overcrowding will never be a problem with the All-Clad fry pan because it’s spacious. It heats evenly and is stick-resistant.

The “Oh no!”: You don’t see grill marks and the food looks like we used more steam than a grill.

The “Overall”: It’s a superb indoor grill that comes out handy especially for cooking lots of stuff one at a time. It’s more of a griddle than a true grill pan because of its low-rise ridges.

All-Clad Fry Pan – The Basics

For so long we have been utilizing older versions of the All-Clad grill in our CHOW Test. Perhaps you want to have sumptuous delicacies that are easy to cook like your favorite salmon steaks, pork chops, or asparagus spears. And you don’t have the convenience of having an outdoor grill or you feel sluggish to put on fire.

Then All-clad grill pans are perfect for you. The defining characteristic of grill pans that you should look for is their ability to distribute heat well having no hot spots. You should also look into the depth of the grill ridges. They should be deep enough so that food would stream in the fats and juices preventing them from escaping while cooking. You might already be pretty comfortable using the older version of this cookware for so long. But we did not hesitate to put this brand-new All-Clad Hard Anodized Nonstick Grande Grille Pan to a cooking test for us to see what it got.

All-Clad Fry Pan Design & Construction

All-Clad Fry PanAll-Clad grill pan which is 7 pounds, 20 inches long, 12 ¾ wide, and 3 inches high with an anodized aluminum coat is part of All-Clad’s Hard Anodized collection. Grande Grill Pan is stick-resistant. Its grips which bend inwardly make the pan easier to lift. Its stainless-steel handles are perfect for the pan. All-Clad also claims they stay cool even when the pan is hot. Its rounded 1/16 inch high ridged which are like speed bumps and are relatively short.

So there would be accessible draining of fats and other liquids there are two pour spouts on either side. All-Clad grill pan can use gas and electric cooktops and oven as well as it can withstand up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Wood, plastic, or heat-resistant nylon tools are the best choice for usage with this grill. This is important to avoid scratching the nonstick coating. Also, take precautions in washing this grill pan – you cant put it in a dishwasher. Avoid using rough scrubbies and harsh detergents in cleaning it up. BEst practice is to hand-wash the grill pan.  Its lifetime warranty truly gives you no reason to worry.

The Performance

We tried on burgers, skin-on salmon, and pork tenderloin to have a full experience of the amazing performance of this All-Clad Grande Grille Pan.

Burgers: Four patties were placed together in the frying pan over high heat. The pan is big enough that it can accommodate more. The grill marks that those ridges produced weren’t that evident.  The pan’s edges with shallow well had some grease running into it. While those that didn’t drain just collected under the burgers which made the burger to be cooked in its grease. The burger patties turned up to be like diner-style patties. The cheese that exuded from the patties was slightly like cheese crisps because it crisped on the grill but the good thing was it didn’t stick in the pan.

Salmon: We were amazed how this All-Clad grill pan worked on the fish. It made our skin-on salmon fillets be nicely cooked with crispy skin that didn’t stick on the pan. We just cooked the skin side for 5 minutes and the other side for 4 minutes and it produced a very satisfactory result.

Pork tenderloin: It also had a superb result when we tried cooking pork tenderloin which we mixed with salt and pepper. It had decent sear marks after cooking it over medium heat for 30 minutes with occasional turning every few minutes

The Conclusion

Generally speaking, the All-Clad fry pan’s versatility is astounding. It is spacious enough to accommodate an ample quantity of food which is beneficial for a family. Its lightness makes it easy to lift while not compromising its durability. While others may not like its low sides it helps in making it easy for the pan to be converted to a baking sheet or pan that doesn’t need to be covered while cooking. We should also take proper caution with its low sides as it may cause grease to splash during the stove to open transfers.


Authentic All-Clad Frying Pan: Is It A Good Investmen?

Owning a decent pan has never been a major necessity for me before. I could care less about having one. I was tolerating those low-cost nonstick pans that you could buy for as low as $10. They would usually last for a few years tops. Even heating wasn’t also a part of my vocabulary because I haven’t experienced that with those cheap pans that I use to have. But all that has changed when I bought All-Clad Frying Pan.

I wasn’t a bit concerned about those pans and I was even exploiting it. I would put those pitiful nonstick pans over high heat when I was cooking stir-fry Chinese food which I have come to realize is never safe.

After I have settled down with Bryan we bought properties that we can finally call ours for the first time. You would be thinking that I would have finally decided to purchase a nice set of pans. I was considering if I already have my kitchen and that I would be needing the help of those pans. But still, I chose to keep those old cheap pans that I already have convincing myself that they work out just fine.

I even told Bryan that we don’t need to register for any of that stuff anymore. I must have sent the wrong message to the people which is why we got wedding gifts like XBOX. We also received a brand new toaster oven which we returned to have a brand new Tivo instead.

So after years of marriage, I have finally bought a decent and elegant pan. I got the All-Clad Frying pan which the cookware store generously sent me for a review.

All-Clad Frying Pan first Experience

All-Clad Frying Pan has consistently received promising and favorable reviews from various sites. What makes it more interesting is that they were cut down the price from its normal retail price. It was lowered from $180 to a very irresistible promotional price of $89.99. The 50% you are saving is already big but some are taking these “promotional pans” suspiciously.

Others are speculating that this discount is because, unlike most All-Clad pans that are the US-mad, the All-Clad Frying Pan is not. Some people, which includes me are wondering why the All-Clad 12” pan with lid could only be $89.99 and when you buy the pan and the lid individually it would go over $160. The specifications and details of both seem to be similar but there is a noticeable difference in their price. I cannot make a full evaluative comparison at the moment because I do not own the “purchased separately” set.

3d All-Clad Frying Pan

To finally clear up this allegation about China made pans, I contacted All-Clad and the answer is no. The pan itself is USA-made. But the lid does come from China, although it does not hold a major bearing on the performance of the pan.

All-Clad Frying pan heats evenly and retains heat excellently achieved through the meticulous tri-ply construction. The pan has an aluminum core causing it to be chiefly light that you could easily pick it up with just one hand. This is a great thing especially for those who are multitasking in the kitchen.

Frying Pan Performance

I’m sure you are very eager to know how this cooking gizmo performs. All-Clad Frying Pan has become the most popular among other All-clad cookware since it was launched. It performs amazingly making it a helpful tool to any cook. It’s so easy to maintain because it is dishwasher safe which makes it above those that are not dishwasher safe. It is also oven-safe making it more convenient to be used over induction-type stoves.

This is a prominent improvement because most of All-clad’s cooking line does not have this feature according to the All-Clad comparison chart provided by Cookware.com. From superstar chefs to ordinary home cooks, anyone would be satisfied with this affordable yet durable cookware. And have I mentioned that it has a lifetime warranty? Truly, the All-Clad Frying Pan is built to last.

I have tried on my whimsical cooking expertise with this awesome cookware. From sautéing seafood to pan-frying pork chop to stir-frying noodles, this pan can do it all. Truly this gizmo reached all my expectations. I could put it to high heat without having to worry. I can also freely use my metal utensils with it. With an All-Clad Frying pan, I couldn’t ask for more!