Reliable Lodge Cast Iron Cookware – Time To Get Is Now

The lodge cookware has been around since the late 1800s. That’s when Joseph Lodge opened his foundry in Tennessee, USA particularly at South Pittsburgh. Until then the company grew to be one of the original producers of American cookware manufacturing different cast iron pots and pans. They endured two world wars including the economically challenging times – the great depression. Today, Lodge cast iron cookware is still competing among the top producers of cookware, especially cast iron pans and cast iron pots. Continuously striving to be one of the best cookware producers, the lodge has employed modern technology in its brands. Still, it has the touch of that original archaic look that you will surely love.

Although lodge specializes in cast iron, they also offer stainless steel cookware. Their lodge enamel cookware is so enticing and captivating combining the modern design with a touch of antiquity. If you have visited lodge cook-ware websites or lodge cookware outlets.

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Today

They are the few of the brands that still offer that old-looking yet elegantly collectible lodge dutch ovens that still possess that beautiful original look that takes you back in time. I love that original and old-style finish of lodge cast iron cookware. There is nostalgia that I cannot explain making me obsessed with lodge cookware. But of course, it is not just the appearance that I like about this cookware. The cooking performance of cast iron is superb. I still put it at the top of my list when it comes to overall performance and durability.

Safety is also a great thing about cast iron because they do not have any unhealthy or toxic chemicals to leach into your food. On the contrary, some believe that it is healthy cookware because cooking acidic foods like tomato could leach iron to the food. Iron is a mineral that boosts your health to combat anemia and other diseases.Lodge Cookware Pans

The final word on Lodge Cast Iron

Lodge cookware sets have also evolved through time. While maintaining their specialty in cast iron and seasoned steel, they have also expanded their products to stainless steel and enameled cast iron. They also provide consumers with sets in the combination of different materials. This ensures that everyone can find something for themselves easily.

For Example, a combination of triply surgical stainless steel and seasoned cast iron skillet all in the same set combined with tempered glass covers. No one has done something like this beforehand. Lodge has indeed established its name as one of the best cast iron cookware producers. Perhaps many people even consider it as an unparalleled company in the industry of cast iron production.

Either way, Lodge continues to serve today throughout its more than a century of bringing quality cookware to every household. Commercial kitchens worldwide use it, assuring us that they still have more centuries of quality service. To know more about the brand, you may visit the lodge’s official website. Or maybe try to find their outlets near you.


Exciting Hard Anodized Cookware For Your Best Meals

What is hard anodized cookware? Hard anodized cookware is aluminum cookware. The difference between anodized cookware and other cookware is that it goes through a process called anodizing. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that will thicken the material surface making it more durable.  Anodized is in fact bathing of metal in an acid  (sulphuric or organic).

Then it will pass through a mild electrical current to complete the finish thereby increasing the corrosion resistance and durability of the compound.  The hard anodized cookware set is one of the most durable cookware sets. Not to mention the heaviest because of the thickening effect of the aluminum adding weight to the cookware.

Anodized cookware safety

ti passes through an electrochemical process that sounds hazardous enough for health. Well, the truth is, once the process of anodizing is done it will no longer affect the foods that will be prepared in the anodized aluminum cookware. It even alleviates the performance of the cookware to give a more desirable and safe cooking outcome.

The good thing with hard anodized cookware is that it has a natural non-stick property that does not use PFOA. PFOA is a chemical al that is toxic to us but makes the surface non-stick. Another bonus of hard-anodized aluminum cookware is its durability and corrosion resistance. These features make the cookware last forever even for daily usage but of course with proper care and usage.

Hard Anodized Cookware and BakewareHard anodized cookware is one of the best cookware that one could have. It has double the benefit of aluminum cookware that most commercial chefs want to use. Now it found its way to the kitchen of almost every household. There are many popular brands that you can look for when buying this type of cookware. Calphalon cookware is one of the top brands that you can count on in looking for the best hard anodized cookware set. Other brands such as Cuisinart hard anodized cookware set, circulon hard anodized cookware, Rachael ray hard anodized cookware are as decent as calphalon hard anodized cookware

Hard anodized cookware price

The differences between these brands are the price and their ranking in hard anodized cookware reviews. However, we cannot attribute that to their performance. All mentioned brands of hard anodized cookware will have more positive responses than negative ones. Negative mostly comes from people who are too lazy to wash it by hand.

In buying this type of cookware, just keep in mind the hard anodized cookware safety instructions. You will void any warranty if you don’t and something is wrong with the anodized cookware. Do not wash your hard-anodized aluminum cookware in the dishwasher even if it says that it is dishwasher safe.

Use only mild dishwashing liquid or soap with a soft sponge. Do not use steel wool or steel brush in cleaning food residues. Always make sure to use the required temperature when cooking and do not exceed it. Some hard-anodized pots and pans are not induction compatible. Make sure you also read the label before buying one if you are using induction hobs. Hard anodized cookware is also oven safe but as I have said, always check the label and instructions.


Useful All Clad Grill Pan For Best Meat Preparation

Grilling is a fun cooking task, from barbecues to hotdogs, and grilled vegetables. Many people enjoy grilling their most delicious chunks of lamb meat or pork, just perfect for any occasion. But to attain the best grilling outcome, you also have to find the best grilling pan. There are many types of pans for grilling that are built for outdoor and indoor grill pans. There are also grill pans that are compatible with different cooking hobs. So you can find an induction grill pan, electric grill pan, grill pans for the gas stove, and oven grill pan. All Clad grill pan will lift your game to another level.

For the brands of the best grill pan, many are available in the market that provides quality grill pans. The choice depends on the preference of the consumers and what brand that they are accustomed to, However, I must mention some popular brands that in no doubt provide the highest quality. I would like to recommend the following brands: calphalon grill pan, all clad grill pan, le Creuset grill pan, and Rachael ray grill pan.

Aluminum All Clad Grill Pan

Aluminum All Clad Grill Pan

Likewise, preferences in the materials are important because they could affect the result of your grilling. Non-stick grill pans are still the best for grilling because they can cook your grilled dish the way it should be without getting burned or stuck in the pan. It cooks the meat evenly and avoids the taste of burned residues.

Cast iron grill pans also have a similar result of grilling with nonstick, That’s because they could be rendered nonstick if they were seasoned well with oil. The taste of meats grilled in iron cast pans is most natural. Stainless steel grill pan on the other hand can never match the result you get from nonstick and cast iron.

The Look Of Grill Pan

I love the cast iron grill pan because of its natural color. They look more natural for grilling and it is like there is magic in the pan.  That makes grilling barbecue and pork steaks so enjoyable. Well, maybe because of its outdoorish looks.  It makes you feel more like you are on a picnic on a recreational trip every time you use it. But regardless of your preferences, grill-pan is useful cookware.

Alternatively, you can also use it to fry foods and cook other dishes that require grilling and frying aside from meat. If you love the outdoor life, you will love this cookware. It will become your handy companion if you are on an out-of-town trip with your friends or family. Most grill pans will work on almost any kind of cooking hobs. They are very durable and useful. They are amazing to use because they can make you feel like you are at an outdoor party. You should use them each time you are with your friends and family.


All-Clad Fry Pan: Better Results

The “Okay”: Overcrowding will never be a problem with the All-Clad fry pan because it’s spacious. It heats evenly and is stick-resistant.

The “Oh no!”: You don’t see grill marks and the food looks like we used more steam than a grill.

The “Overall”: It’s a superb indoor grill that comes out handy especially for cooking lots of stuff one at a time. It’s more of a griddle than a true grill pan because of its low-rise ridges.

All-Clad Fry Pan – The Basics

For so long we have been utilizing older versions of the All-Clad grill in our CHOW Test. Perhaps you want to have sumptuous delicacies that are easy to cook like your favorite salmon steaks, pork chops, or asparagus spears. And you don’t have the convenience of having an outdoor grill or you feel sluggish to put on fire.

Then All-clad grill pans are perfect for you. The defining characteristic of grill pans that you should look for is their ability to distribute heat well having no hot spots. You should also look into the depth of the grill ridges. They should be deep enough so that food would stream in the fats and juices preventing them from escaping while cooking. You might already be pretty comfortable using the older version of this cookware for so long. But we did not hesitate to put this brand-new All-Clad Hard Anodized Nonstick Grande Grille Pan to a cooking test for us to see what it got.

All-Clad Fry Pan Design & Construction

All-Clad Fry PanAll-Clad grill pan which is 7 pounds, 20 inches long, 12 ¾ wide, and 3 inches high with an anodized aluminum coat is part of All-Clad’s Hard Anodized collection. Grande Grill Pan is stick-resistant. Its grips which bend inwardly make the pan easier to lift. Its stainless-steel handles are perfect for the pan. All-Clad also claims they stay cool even when the pan is hot. Its rounded 1/16 inch high ridged which are like speed bumps and are relatively short.

So there would be accessible draining of fats and other liquids there are two pour spouts on either side. All-Clad grill pan can use gas and electric cooktops and oven as well as it can withstand up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Wood, plastic, or heat-resistant nylon tools are the best choice for usage with this grill. This is important to avoid scratching the nonstick coating. Also, take precautions in washing this grill pan – you cant put it in a dishwasher. Avoid using rough scrubbies and harsh detergents in cleaning it up. BEst practice is to hand-wash the grill pan.  Its lifetime warranty truly gives you no reason to worry.

The Performance

We tried on burgers, skin-on salmon, and pork tenderloin to have a full experience of the amazing performance of this All-Clad Grande Grille Pan.

Burgers: Four patties were placed together in the frying pan over high heat. The pan is big enough that it can accommodate more. The grill marks that those ridges produced weren’t that evident.  The pan’s edges with shallow well had some grease running into it. While those that didn’t drain just collected under the burgers which made the burger to be cooked in its grease. The burger patties turned up to be like diner-style patties. The cheese that exuded from the patties was slightly like cheese crisps because it crisped on the grill but the good thing was it didn’t stick in the pan.

Salmon: We were amazed how this All-Clad grill pan worked on the fish. It made our skin-on salmon fillets be nicely cooked with crispy skin that didn’t stick on the pan. We just cooked the skin side for 5 minutes and the other side for 4 minutes and it produced a very satisfactory result.

Pork tenderloin: It also had a superb result when we tried cooking pork tenderloin which we mixed with salt and pepper. It had decent sear marks after cooking it over medium heat for 30 minutes with occasional turning every few minutes

The Conclusion

Generally speaking, the All-Clad fry pan’s versatility is astounding. It is spacious enough to accommodate an ample quantity of food which is beneficial for a family. Its lightness makes it easy to lift while not compromising its durability. While others may not like its low sides it helps in making it easy for the pan to be converted to a baking sheet or pan that doesn’t need to be covered while cooking. We should also take proper caution with its low sides as it may cause grease to splash during the stove to open transfers.


Why All-Clad Pans Remain the Best Cookware

Three main factors make All-Clad pans the finest and the number one picked cookware line all these years. These are their history, their quality and lastly their variety. All-Clad cookware has established itself in the cooking line for so many years. It has been able to overcome different marketing barriers and conspiracies.

It has equipped itself with the most amazing strategies and techniques to keep up with the demands of people. And lastly, it has been able to sweep the hearts of the many chefs and home cooks with the durability and high-end design of its items.

History: The Foundation of All-Clad Pans

All-Clad PanThe history of All-Clad cookware is just totally remarkable. All-Clad started in 1967 and is creating amazing cookware products since the 1970s. It has built a variety of pieces of cookware from All-Clad pots and pans to All-Clad woks and oven wares. The materials are reliable to result in long-lasting, durable, and tough cookware. Due to its long-running years, people got familiar with the name and have tried and test their cooking promises. And behold, a lot of them testified to the cooking goodness brought by this cookware brand.

Because of its growing popularity, a lot of chefs and home cooks opted to go with the All-Clad. It helped them to execute and deliver amazing and all-time favorite dishes in their kitchens and restaurants. Truly, All-Clad has been able to establish a name for itself. People applauded them with credibility and reliability to produce excellent and outstanding cookware sets and pieces.

Pouring Effort in Creation of All-Clad Pans

The creation of All-Clad includes amazing All-Clad skillets, All-Clad roasting pots, All-Clad tea kettles, All-Clad lasagna pan, All-Clad stockpots, and many others. They use the most classy and highest end of materials. Most utilize All-Clad stainless steel to ensure their durability and long last use. Moreover, the pure aluminum and copper-built pieces of cookware make sure the proper and utmost heat conduction. These top materials also pave the way to the even cooking of food.

People also get fascinated with the All-Clad cookware set due to its high fashion design and styles. You’ll love to use them because they are very stylish and classy. You’ll see it from its outside surroundings to the inside covers. These products are stick-resistant to ensure that you’ll have no trouble flipping what you are cooking.

They are also very easy to clean due to their dishwasher-safe feature. The long and ergonomic handles, lids, and rims contribute to the success of All-Clad. Through these handles, you can just transfer, pour and maneuver your cookware easily and conveniently. The secured lids make sure that no heat nor flavor comes out of it to ensure the taste and flavor of the dish. The rims make pouring liquid dishes less messy.

Pans For Home Cooks

All-Clad Pans SetA lot of home cooks envy the kitchens of celebrity chefs and their cooking shows but through the All-Clad fusions of great affordable prices and high-quality design and service, people can now make their kitchen more cooking fashionable. Also, the quality control of the All-Clad sets aside from their building materials is almost perfect. Their evaluation and assessment of their products area mustmakemust make sure that they are delivering products that are the best and have no chinks and defects.

Also, you’ll see that in every product you buy, there comes along a lifetime warranty from defects, so you can just bring your All-Clad piece to any All-Clad Cookware Outlet, and they’ll be glad to cater to your questions and needs for free. They’ll repair your All-Clad item or even have it replaced.

All-Clad Pan Has Everything You Need

All-Clad has been able to develop different kinds of All-Clad sets, All-Clad pans, and All-Clad pots depending on the need of the consumers. They have built sets exactly for frying, braising, conducting large parties, and a lot more. Through these innovations, people get more amazed at what more they can bring and establish in the cooking market and industry.

The All-Clad Master Chef 2 features a surrounding cover of stainless steel and aluminum. Because of this, you’ll be cooking an even and well-prepared meal. The heat retention and conduction of this product are also amazing. A lot of chefs working for four and even five-star restaurants and hotels have bought it.

Meanwhile, The All-Clad copper features durable while at the same time lightweight cooking equipment. It has been made from pure copper and stainless steel.

Lastly, the All-Clad LTD has been made with multiple layers of classy aluminum, high-end stainless steel, and anodized steel. By making use of these pieces of cookware, it is ensured that you’ll be able to bring out the best in yourself by executing and delivering delicious, well-prepared, and stunning dishes.

Overall, All-Clad has been in this service for quite some time. They have been able to grow, master, and enhance their skills in creating fantastic pieces of cookware. For more information, you can look at their online or actual All-Clad Outlet. There you can check upcoming All-Clad sales and All-Clad Cookware reviews for more insights into their products.