Induction Cooking Is The Best Or Another Nefangled Nonsense?

Cooking without open flame may be unimaginable in the earlier years.  Nowadays, you would observe in some cooking shows that they use a flat black surface, without any visible flames, to cook delicious meals.  This is what they call an induction cooktop.  It has a sleek, glossy black color that looks classy and neat.  Instead of using flames to generate heat to cook the food, it utilizes magnetic energy to generate heat.  This will give you an idea that not all types of cookware are suitable for induction cooking.

What is induction cookware?  Simply put, these are cookware that is compatible or may be used on induction cooktops.  The induction cookware has a magnetic bottom that will connect with the magnetic component of the induction top.

Induction Cooking Advantages

The primary advantage of using an induction cooktop is that it is safer than gas cooktops.  There are no open flames like burners and you prevent gas leaks which is one of the risks when using gas burners.  The induction cooktop is preferred in apartments and clustered housing because it is generally safer.

Induction Cooking with PanThe induction cooktop also has a good heating efficiency.  It takes less time to boil or heat using an induction stove cookware.  Cooking using induction compatible cookware saves not only time but also on the consumption of electricity.  Induction cooking is more energy-efficient than other electrical stoves. You will have a lower electric bill than other electrical cooktops.

One amazing thing also with induction cooktops is that the only area that heats up is the area where the cookware is directly under.  The heat does not distribute to other parts as it is only concentrated on the cookware.

One disadvantage of switching to an induction cooktop is that you might have to change most of your cookware sets and get an induction cookware set.  The good news, however, is that it is not difficult to find.  Many brands carry it.  If you have a good budget, you may opt for the all-clad induction cookware or calphalon induction cookware.

If you have a more practical budget,  there are cheaper brands like Cuisinart induction cookware and KitchenAid induction cookware.  Before you throw out your old cookware, check first as they may be induction-safe cookware.  A simple test to see whether your cookware can be used on an induction cooktop is to check whether a magnet can stick to the outer bottom of the cookware.

Try It, You Might Like It

If you want to experience cooking with an induction cooktop but are still unsure if it is really for you, you may try first with a portable induction cooktop which has now become widely available.  This is cheaper and not permanent, in case you change your mind.

To find out which is the best induction cookware, you may check out other induction cookware reviews.  You must also identify what type of cooking you usually do and the frequency of your cooking to help you in identifying which one best suits your needs.