Authentic All-Clad Frying Pan: Is It A Good Investmen?

Owning a decent pan has never been a major necessity for me before. I could care less about having one. I was tolerating those low-cost nonstick pans that you could buy for as low as $10. They would usually last for a few years tops. Even heating wasn’t also a part of my vocabulary because I haven’t experienced that with those cheap pans that I use to have. But all that has changed when I bought All-Clad Frying Pan.

I wasn’t a bit concerned about those pans and I was even exploiting it. I would put those pitiful nonstick pans over high heat when I was cooking stir-fry Chinese food which I have come to realize is never safe.

After I have settled down with Bryan we bought properties that we can finally call ours for the first time. You would be thinking that I would have finally decided to purchase a nice set of pans. I was considering if I already have my kitchen and that I would be needing the help of those pans. But still, I chose to keep those old cheap pans that I already have convincing myself that they work out just fine.

I even told Bryan that we don’t need to register for any of that stuff anymore. I must have sent the wrong message to the people which is why we got wedding gifts like XBOX. We also received a brand new toaster oven which we returned to have a brand new Tivo instead.

So after years of marriage, I have finally bought a decent and elegant pan. I got the All-Clad Frying pan which the cookware store generously sent me for a review.

All-Clad Frying Pan first Experience

All-Clad Frying Pan has consistently received promising and favorable reviews from various sites. What makes it more interesting is that they were cut down the price from its normal retail price. It was lowered from $180 to a very irresistible promotional price of $89.99. The 50% you are saving is already big but some are taking these “promotional pans” suspiciously.

Others are speculating that this discount is because, unlike most All-Clad pans that are the US-mad, the All-Clad Frying Pan is not. Some people, which includes me are wondering why the All-Clad 12” pan with lid could only be $89.99 and when you buy the pan and the lid individually it would go over $160. The specifications and details of both seem to be similar but there is a noticeable difference in their price. I cannot make a full evaluative comparison at the moment because I do not own the “purchased separately” set.

3d All-Clad Frying Pan

To finally clear up this allegation about China made pans, I contacted All-Clad and the answer is no. The pan itself is USA-made. But the lid does come from China, although it does not hold a major bearing on the performance of the pan.

All-Clad Frying pan heats evenly and retains heat excellently achieved through the meticulous tri-ply construction. The pan has an aluminum core causing it to be chiefly light that you could easily pick it up with just one hand. This is a great thing especially for those who are multitasking in the kitchen.

Frying Pan Performance

I’m sure you are very eager to know how this cooking gizmo performs. All-Clad Frying Pan has become the most popular among other All-clad cookware since it was launched. It performs amazingly making it a helpful tool to any cook. It’s so easy to maintain because it is dishwasher safe which makes it above those that are not dishwasher safe. It is also oven-safe making it more convenient to be used over induction-type stoves.

This is a prominent improvement because most of All-clad’s cooking line does not have this feature according to the All-Clad comparison chart provided by From superstar chefs to ordinary home cooks, anyone would be satisfied with this affordable yet durable cookware. And have I mentioned that it has a lifetime warranty? Truly, the All-Clad Frying Pan is built to last.

I have tried on my whimsical cooking expertise with this awesome cookware. From sautéing seafood to pan-frying pork chop to stir-frying noodles, this pan can do it all. Truly this gizmo reached all my expectations. I could put it to high heat without having to worry. I can also freely use my metal utensils with it. With an All-Clad Frying pan, I couldn’t ask for more!