New Emerilware: Passion For Cooking Is Still There

If you are into cooking and have been following different cooking shows, you would certainly be familiar with Emeril John Legasse.  He is an award-winning chef who has a regular television cooking program.  He has become popular because of his character and his innovative and sumptuous recipes and dishes.  Because of his influence in the cooking industry, All-Clad created a line with his name: Emerilware cookware.  It is what we have now as the Emeril cookware.

Emeril is very well known for concocting healthy but flavorful dishes making a healthy diet appealing instead of appalling.  He did not limit himself to his passion for creating healthy yet delicious meals.  He progressed further to putting his ideas on producing good cookware. It proved to be beneficial to restaurant chefs and even those who just cook at home alike.  Since he is a great chef himself, you are sure that Emeril cookware sets work!

Emerilware Is One Of The Best Cookware Set

Emerilware Stainless Steel SetEmeril teamed up with one of the best cookware brands for his cookware line, the Emeril all clad.  As most of us interested in cooking already know, all clad cookware is already in itself a tried and tested cookware which many professional chefs use and recommend. If you think regular all-clad sets lack that professional note, then this may be what you are waiting for, the touch and genius of Emeril collaborating with all clad ltd.

With Emeril cookware set right in your home, you would be able to create delicious dishes for your family and friends to enjoy, without the need of spending too much in a restaurant.   You can do this with your recipe or if you are up for a challenge, why not try one of Emeril’s recipes with your all-clad Emeril cookware?  You will surely impress your friends and family with your cooking.

Emeril Cookware Types

To give you more information on the all clad Emeril cookware, here are some of them:

  • Pro-Clad Emerilware – This line is for extensive home cooking.  The cookware has two outer stainless sheets of steel sandwiching an aluminum metal sheet for good heat conductivity.
  • Hard Anodized Emerilware – If you prefer non-stick cookware, this is the cookware line you are looking for.  Not only do you no longer worry about your ingredients sticking, like in stainless steel all clad pan, washing nonstick cookware is relatively easy.
  • Cast Iron Emerilware – If you are looking for cookware that will last generations, then opt for the cast iron.  They pre-season cast iron Emeril all clad cookware, so it is ready for use. But you should season it again before use to make it more lasting.

The tie-up of Emeril and All-clad is good news for all cooking fans.  For more reviews on the Emeril cookware, go and read for yourself what the rest of the users think about on this cookware line.  You may also check out the actual cookware in an All-clad outlet.