New Farberware Cookware Is A Great Choice

When looking for a cooking ware brand to trust, you check the track record of the brand.  One true test is if you can find it in household kitchens and more impressively if restaurants use it.  One brand that passes this test is the faberware cookware line.  Whether to buy farberware cookware sets, let me discuss the strengths and weaknesses based on various experiences.

Farberware Cookware Pros

This brand has been in existence for about 10 years now.  Their main focus as their target market is amateur cooks or those who cook at home for their family and friends.  The idea, however, is to be able to prepare dishes at par with restaurant dishes right at the comfort of your home kitchen using farberware pots and pans.  The resulting dishes have been consistently good and even some professional chefs prefer this brand of cookware.

Farberware Cookware SetEach cookware in the farberware cookware set is fashionable.  Your cookware primary task is cooking per se, but you can use them also to design your kitchen walls.  No more dull kitchen cabinets to store your kitchenware.  You can display them and let your friends admire your good taste. You may show you are not only good at food but also at kitchen fashion.

Faberware Cookware Sales

One of the greatest advantages of opting for farberware kitchen pots and pans and their other kitchenware is that they also sell their cookware pieces.  How many times have you felt throwing out partially damaged cookware and wished you could just replace the broken part?  Your wish has been granted by farberware!  It saves you your hard-earned money by not having to discard and replace a whole cookware piece. It also saves you from the sad feeling of parting from your trusted and beloved cooking pans.

We all know that stainless steel cookware has been tried, tested, and proven to be sturdy cookware.  Most Farberware pots and pans set are created using high-grade stainless steel metal with an aluminum core.  The stainless steel provides a sleek finish and augments the overall strength of the cookware. The aluminum core provides good heat conductivity.  Say goodbye to annoying hot spots when preparing your dishes.

Farberware Cookware Cons

  1. One thing that may turn you off with farberware pots and their other kitchenware like the farberware knives is the price. The cost of their cookware pieces is a bit pricier than regular cookware brands. But as the saying goes, good quality comes with a good price.
  2. Another thing is that, although they claim to be farberware nonstick cookware, there have been some who experienced food sticking to the supposedly nonstick cookware. The secret to preventing this is to preheat the cookware using low or medium temperatures.

As you can see the strengths of farberware cookware far offset its weaknesses. So I’d still say this is a good cookware brand!


Circulon Pans: Best Professional Cookware in Your Home

When you ask a group of people knowledgeable in the kitchen which brand is the best cookware set, you will hear varied responses. But you surely hear about Circulon pans and other Circulon cookware.  When you want to invest in good cookware sets, it is important to research each brand and type of cookware you are considering buying.

Circulon is the brand name of the cookware by Meyer Corporation.  Circulon exist for more than forty years.  It made the original nonstick cookware made out of hard-anodized aluminum. It has been successful in marketing its cookware due to its high quality.  Meyer Corporation has set up factories in different and various countries to manufacture Circulon pots and pans. The production capacity can go over 2.5 million pans in a year.

Let us go over the main factors which may help you decide why Circulon cookware is one of your best choices. That is if you wish to buy a professional quality cookware set.

Material and Make of Circulon Pans

As earlier noted, a Circulon pan is hard-anodized. Professional chefs use this type of cookware because of its dependability, stability, and sturdiness. Hard anodized aluminum is also a good heat conductor. There is no need to worry about hot spots.  This is the reason why anodized cookware became a hit, even for household use.

For this reason, Circulon came out with more affordable pots and pans set for home cooking.  Now you can buy a Circulon frying pan with an equivalent high quality without having to pay the high price for professional cookware. There are product lines like the Circulon premier professional for restaurant cooking.  It will surely boost your confidence in preparing your sumptuous dishes.

Food Release System of Circulon Pans

Circulon PansWhat is sometimes frustrating when you cook is when food sticks to your pans.  If you are to unable immediately release the food which sticks to the pan, it may get burnt and spoil your dish.  It is also hard to clean food that has stuck to the pan.  This is why Circulon pans have circle grooves and have a three-layer non-stick coating. With this design, the food which wants to stick to the pan will be the one to get frustrated.

You may be surprised by this as most hard-anodized pans are not suitable for the induction cooktop. Luckily, Circulon thought of integrating a magnetic stainless steel bottom for cookware used on an induction cooktop.

Bottom line

You won’t go wrong in choosing Circulon cooking pans.  You get the value of the money you invested and make you feel certain that you can rely on it for your dishes. After all, it is being used by professional chefs.

To know other people are happy with Circulon cookware and to get an idea of discounted prices, check out other Circulon pans reviews.


Cast Iron Cookware: How To Use It For Best Meals

Cast iron cookware was originally only cookware like simple frying pans and casserole dishes. Eventually, it expanded to other cookware products and is now available in sets of different kinds and sizes. Plain cast iron cookware also later evolved to enameled cast iron cookware. Enamel cast iron cookware has vitreous enamel coating it.  The coating allows you to use the cookware without having to season it.  It also eliminates the tedious process of cleaning cast iron cookware.

The attractiveness of cast iron cookware sets is mainly because of the materials’ ability to distribute and retain heat evenly.  It is also a nonreactive metal so it does not interfere with the flavors of your dish. It is perfect cookware for outdoor cookouts. Especially now with the availability of cast iron enamel cookware. That is more convenient and more stylish. You can buy it now in different colors. 

It was mostly available only in charcoal or gray color before.  This color made old cast iron cookware look very rugged and not pleasing to display in one’s kitchen.  The availability of colored enamel coated cast iron cookware made it pretty and displaying it in your kitchen without making it look rough is now achievable.

Seasoning cast iron cookware

Cast Iron Cookware SetWhen you use conventional cast iron cookware without seasoning it, food will stick to it and make it hard for you to proceed with your cooking.  Cast iron for cooking must have a greased surface and this method is called seasoning. 

There are different techniques in seasoning cast iron.  The goal is to plug the pores of the cooking pan or pot with oils or fat to make it stick-resistant.  You must put a thin layer of fat or oil to the cookware and place it inside an oven that has been preheated 350 degrees Fahrenheit or on a cooktop on low fire or heat.

To allow your “seasoning” to last, do not wash the cookware with soap.  To clean the cookware, you may use a rough scrubbing pad and hot water and you have to dry it immediately.

Advantages of Enameled Cast Iron

Convenience is the best advantage of enameled cast iron against vintage cast iron cookware.  You don’t have to season an enameled cast iron, you can use it as is as it is.  Cleaning is also easier, either by manual washing with soap and water or by using a dishwasher.

How can cast iron cookware last for generations?

A well taken care of cast iron will last you a lifetime and beyond.  Seasoning iron cast may be a tiresome process but is very important in the upkeep of your cookware.  Proper washing would also add life to your cast iron and will prevent the need to re-season it.

Guide on Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware Set

  1. Clean the cookware with warm water. It is not recommended to use dishwashing liquid or soap.  To remove any food residues stuck on the cookware, use a solid brush.  For residues that need to be washed with soap, you may do so since you are about to season your cookware.  As earlier mentioned, seasoning is putting grease on your cast iron cookware and soap may take the grease off.
  2. Make sure to dry the cookware completely with a clean cloth or paper.
  3. Using a clean cloth spread a thin layer of fat or oil over the cookware. Do not spread out too much fat or oil as the excess may turn sour and affect the flavor of your dishes or spoil them.
  4. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and place the cookware bottoms up in the oven and leave it inside for an hour.
  5. Remove from the oven after an hour and allow cooling.

Proper Storage of Cast Iron

While using your cookware daily is recommended, there would be times that you may need to let your cast iron pan rest and allow your other cookware to serve you.  Proper storage of cast iron is important for its useful life to last long.

  1. You may hang the cookware and make a display of them.  This way you ensure proper ventilation.
  2. If you must store it in a cupboard, place a paper towel between each pan when storing.  The paper towel will absorb moisture that may develop during storage.  Do not cover the pan as it needs proper air ventilation.

A properly stored cast iron cookware could just be rinsed with water and toweled dry right before using again.  Do not wash with soap!

To know which the best-cast iron cookware brand is, you may check out other cast iron cookware reviews.


All-Clad Griddle: The Best Home Cook Can Wish For

With the newly released item from All-Clad, you will surely have more wonderful cooking and kitchen experience. With the All-Clad Griddle Pan and Grill, you’ll be able to create tasteful dishes. You can either make your recipes or you can cook from cookbooks.

A lot of home cooks and chefs all over the world are looking for pieces of cookware that would suit their needs. All they want to have is to have a brand of cookware that will aid them when cooking. They need it to help in delivering and executing amazing, delicious, and sumptuous meals for their restaurants and family. In this case, the long search for a remarkable brand of cookware is done and that is the All-Clad Cookware.

The All-Clad Cookware Sets have been proven and tested to last long. You will find them in the cupboards and cabinets of a lot of kitchens here and abroad. Due to the high-quality materials where they have been made, the pieces are all designed to have a hundred percent durability. Not to mention the outstanding cooking performance as well as service. Secondly, the design is just way over the top.

It has several features which have been more creative looking through the way they were fashioned. All-Clad pots, All-Clad fry& frying pans, All-Clad skillets, and all the others from All-Clad Outlet are stick-resistant. Although they don’t have the kind of coating of the Teflon surface, you can turn, toss and flip your food effortlessly.

All-Clad Griddle And More

All-Clad GriddleYou can easily notice and recognize All-Clad Cookware because of the material and how they make it. Most All-Clad Cookware is All-Clad stainless steel. Moreover, it has 18% Nickel and 10% Chromium also known as “18-10”. All-Clad developed this technology to have three layers of bonded metal such as aluminum core, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel.

This type of cookware has passed all the requirements of being an 18-10 cookware item. Due to these high-end materials, you can expect that it has all the prospects of delivering only the best cooking quality and service. Even in low temperatures of heat, All-Clad assures you that your food would still be cooked to perfection. Because it evenly distributes the heat coming from the source like oven or stovetop. So, you can expect that you will not undercook part of the food you are preparing.

Aside from the spectacular features of the All-Clad Cookware set, you can also check out the All-Clad Bakeware. It can withstand high heat from the oven so that it will not have any defects after using it.

All-Clad Saves Time

Moreover, All-Clad makes every bit of your kitchen time easy because all the pieces from All-Clad are dishwasher safe. Except for those pieces which contain copper like the All-Clad Copper core. You have to wash them by hand to avoid any form of tarnishes along their surface. Washing it in a dishwasher might affect its stick resistance. Likewise, you’ll have no trouble with the utensils you’ll be using with it. You can use All-Clad cookware with any utensil but they suggest that you use All-Clad made utensils. That ensures the excellence of the food you’ll be serving.

Aside from the grill and pan griddle, All-Clad also released a new griddle model known as the All-Clad Electric Griddle. On this griddle, you can cook both breakfast and dinner simultaneously. It has two heating elements plus its stick resistance. It has a size of “20 x 13” inches.

All-Clad Electric GriddleDig Dip in All-Clad Electric Griddle

The all-new All-Clad Griddle can withstand a temperature from 180 degrees to 480 degrees. You don’t have to worry about the splatters and the dripping due to its detachable stainless steel guard and drip trays which are both safe for dishwasher use. Furthermore, you must wipe the griddle clean after every use and the utensils should be either nylon, plastic, or wood to avoid any scratch on its surface.

The All-Clad Outlet is now available online so you’ll have no trouble in looking up the attributes and features of every item you desire and which you think would suit your kitchen needs. You can choose so many products from the online store like All-Clad waffle makers to All-Clad blenders.

It assured that you’ll be experiencing a high-quality cooking experience from these pieces of cookware but as an assurance, All-Clad offers a one-year warranty for the All-Clad Griddle while a lifetime warranty for the stainless steel if you think it has been poorly designed and developed.