All-Clad Stock Pot: This Is How To Cook Properly

All-Clad stock pot is the most important and multi-functional cookware you can have in your kitchen.  It can prepare soups, stocks, broths, and sauce.  It can also boil eggs, potatoes, pasta, meat, and seashells.  You can also use it as a steamer for vegetables if you prefer a healthier dish.

An All-clad stock pot is an excellent quality stock pot that will last you a lifetime.  It comes in different sizes.  There is the All-clad 8 quart stock pot, 6 quarts, and the All-clad 12 qt stock pot. Depending on the number of dishes you would be cooking using All clad stock pots, the right size is available for your needs.

To give you a brief guide on which size of the stock pot is suitable for you, a 6-quart stock pot can make you a soup good for about 6-7 people, if they like your soup!  This is already good for a family.  If you frequently have extended relatives or friends over, the All-clad 8 qt stock pot would be recommendable.  Although the All-clad stock pot 12 qt may be able to get you to prepare more of your
dish, it may be too big already for your kitchen and may make it hard for you to move around.  When you have a big kitchen then the 12-quart stock pot or bigger should not be a problem.  If you have a small kitchen, then you can do with the 8 quarts or smaller and just prepare two of the stock pots.

All-Clad Stock Pot Materials

New All-Clad Stock PotAs with most All-clad cookware, the materials used in creating their stock pots vary.  Most have a stainless steel finish, some have an aluminum core, others have a copper core and there are some which have numerous ply of these varied metals.  There is also a non-stick or anodized clad pot.  The thicker the ply of metals used in creating the stockpot, the more expensive it is.  A thick stock pot prevents your dish from easily getting overcooked.  It may be more expensive but it’s worth it.  Take advantage of an All-clad sale to get better value for your money.

Another thing that may be important in buying a stockpot, especially the bigger capacity ones is that you can trust its handle not to give way because of the weight.  Like other clad pots and pans, the handles of the clad stockpot are riveted onto it and not welded.  This ensures that it won’t come off accidentally, especially during transferring the whole stock pot right after you finish your dish or in the middle of doing your dish.

Be wise in buying your stockpot.  Take note that most of the time, price is synonymous with quality.  A reliable brand may sometimes be more expensive but if you can use the product for a lifetime, then you invested instead of an expense.