Why Use Calphalon Cookware?

Newell Rubbermaid is the company responsible in creating one of the popular brands of kitchen cookware, the Calphalon cookware.  They are most recognized with their Calphalon nonstick cookware line which is created from anodized aluminum metal.  Cephalon pans do not have the same non stick coating as with the brand Teflon who popularized non stick pans.  Non stick cookware has become the preference of most chefs and even those who cook at home because it is more convenient to use and even clean.

What is the benefit Calphalon hard anodized cookware?

Hard anodized cooking pans are very sturdy cookware and are also rust proof.  Aluminum is already a durable metal and making it undergo the hard anodization process makes it more durable and the coating it produces makes it non-stick.  The process of hard anodization is a process that also happens in nature.  It is just simulated to get the desired optimum result so hard anodization is safe and does not produce negative effects on nature.  Having Calphalon anodized cookware in your kitchen collection is like having an investment as it will last you a lifetime.

Are there harmful substance used in the making of Calphalon pans?

There is no need to worry at all.  As mentioned above, the process it undergoes is a natural process.  No harmful substances are added during hard anodization.  The final cookware produced won’t also have any unsafe reaction when heated during cooking.  It has a very even finish and is non-porous that is why food does not attach to it giving the same effect as of a non stick coating.

Tips in Getting the Most Out of Your Calphalon cookware sets

Although a Calphalon cookware set is hard anodized and is generally a non-stick pan, there are ways to help cook your dishes without it sticking to the pan.  One is to thaw frozen meat for a few minutes before putting it on the pan and heating the pan.

calphalon cookware

Another tip is to preheat the pan for about two minutes before putting in the meat for your dish.  As aluminum is a good heat conductor, you may just use medium heat to attain the desired heat.  This is not only true during preheating but also during actual cooking.  Set the heat level a notch lower than you would usually do in other pans to avoid scorching what you are cooking.

Last but not the least, clean up your Calphalon kitchen essentials well so that there will be no leftovers that sticks on the pans.  When you use the pan and there is still leftover food there, it will be harder to take off and it also contaminates your new dish.

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