Unveiling All-Clad MC2 Cookware

This line is a modern take to All-Clad’s original Cookware collection

What we like most about All-Clad MC2 is its outstanding ability to conduct and maintain heat which is very vital in cooking. The strong and solid exterior is durably constructed and its polished interior is stick-resistant. It is also safe to use in the ovens.

Unlike the other lines that have shiny and gleaming finish, this All-Clad set has a matte finish which is not scratch-proof and stains over a period of time. Food can also get caught in the area of the handle rivets.  And compared to other cookware, this All-Clad set is more costly.

Let’s get to know more about this modern cookware. All-Clad MC2, like what All-Clad is really known for, uses 3-ply construction consisting of aluminum core, aluminum alloy layer, and stainless-steel interior and brushed aluminum exterior. You can select from a wide array of different shapes, sizes and various configurations. Its stay-cool handles are securely riveted. Selected pieces have helper handles. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Personal Experience on All-Clad MC2 Cookware

My first experience of this splendid cookware started when I received it as a gift from my father when I was still in culinary school. It made the entire recipe that I learned from my school which was equipped with wide-ranging and the latest cookware doable at home.

All Clad MC2 CookwareI was so satisfied with its performance that even after six years I still use some of the pieces from that line. The All-Clad skillet that goes with it retains heat evenly making meats seared to a perfect brown. When the meat is ready it is released nicely with the condition that it is heated well with the help of some oil applied in the pan. In the same way, All-Clad saucepans evenly heats on its base and the sides giving a flawless cooking result to variety of foods. Even though it feels heavy, which shows its durability, pieces like the All-Clad stock pot and All-Clad 12-inch sauté pan could be lifted manageably with the help of the helper handles. The lids fit neatly and it has stay-cool handles that stay cools even when the piece is put to the oven. On the other hand, what I don’t like much with All-Clad MC2 is its brushed aluminum finish. At first I thought it was striking because it gives the line a modern look but after some time I found out that the matte finish is not resistant to stains, scratches and scorches. It didn’t bother me that much because I love the patina that my cookware has acquired but I’m not so sure if those who are more choosy customers would have the same reaction as me because others get upset because they like to keep its original finish. Starting at $80 for a small skillet, it is less costly compared to other All-Clad cookware lines making it suitable for starting home cooks.