Trying on All-Clad Fry Pan

The “Okay”

Overcrowding will never be a problem with All-Clad grill pan because it’s spacious. It heats evenly and is stick-resistant.

The “Oh no!”

Grill marks aren’t visible making food steamed rather than seared.

The “Overall”

It’s a superb indoor grill which comes out handy especially for cooking lots of stuff one at a time. It’s more of a griddle than a true grill pan because of its low-rise ridges.

All-Clad Fry Pan – The Basics

For so long we have been utilizing older versions of the All-Clad grill in our CHOW Test. If you want to have sumptuous delicacies that are easy to cook like your favorite salmon steaks, pork chops or asparagus spears and you don’t have the convenience of having an outdoor grill or you feel sluggish to put on fire then All-clad grill pans are perfect for you. The defining characteristic of grill pans that you should look for is its ability to distribute heat well having no hot spots and the depth of the grill ridges that should be deep enough so that food would stream in the fats and juices preventing it from escaping while cooking. Although we were already pretty comfortable using the older version of this cookware for so long we did not hesitate to put this brand-new All-Clad Hard Anodized Nonstick Grande Grille Pan to a cooking test for us to really see what it got.

All-Clad Fry Pan Design & Construction

All-Clad Fry PanAll-Clad grill pan which is 7 pounds, 20 inches long, 12 ¾ wide and 3 inches high with an anodized aluminum coat is part of All-Clad’s Hard Anodized collection. Grande Grill Pan is stick-resistant. Its grips which bend inwardly make the pan easier to lift. Its stainless-steel handles are securely attached to the pan which All-Clad also claims to stay cool even when the pan is hot. Its 1/16 inch high ridge are rounded which are like speed bumps and are relatively short. So there would be accessible draining of fats and other liquids there are two pour spouts on either side. All-Clad grill pan could be used over gas and electric cooktops and oven as well as it can withstand up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Wood, plastic or heat-resistant nylon tools are to be used best with this grill plan to avoid scratching the nonstick coating. Also take precautions in washing this grill pan because it cannot be placed on dishwashers. Avoid using rough scrubbies and harsh detergents in cleaning it up. It’s highly recommended to hand-wash the grill pan.  Its lifetime warranty truly gives you no reason to worry.

All-Clad Fry Pan Performance

We tried on burgers, skin-on salmon and pork tenderloin to have a full experience on the amazing performance of this All-Clad Grande Grille Pan.

Burgers: Four patties were placed together in the frying pan over high heat. The pan is big enough that it can accommodate more. The grill marks that those ridges produced weren’t that evident.  The pan’s edges with shallow well somewhat had some grease running into it while those that didn’t drain just collected under the burgers which made the burger to be cooked in its own grease. The burger patties turned up to be like diner style patties. The cheese that exuded from the patties was slightly like cheese crisps because it crisped on the grill but the good thing was it didn’t stick in the pan.

Salmon: We were amazed how this All-Clad grill pan worked on the fish. It made our skin-on salmon fillets be nicely cooked with crispy skin that didn’t stick on the pan. We just cooked the skin side for 5 minutes and the other side for 4 minutes and it produced a very satisfactory result.

Pork tenderloin: It also had a superb result when we tried cooking pork tenderloin which we mixed with salt and pepper. It had decent sear marks after cooking it over medium heat for 30 minutes with occasional turning every few minute

General stuff: Generally speaking All-Clad fry pan’s versatility is astounding. It is spacious enough to accommodate ample quantity of food which is beneficial for a family. Its lightness makes it easy to lift while not compromising its durability. While others may not like its low sides it helps in making it easy for the pan to be converted to a baking sheet or pan that doesn’t need to be covered while cooking. We should also take proper caution with its low sides as it may cause grease to splash during stove to open transferring.