Is Glass Cookware For You?

When we think of glassware to be used in the kitchen, what comes to mind is a serving ware or a fancy container.  What does not come to mind for most of us is that it could be a glass cookware where actual cooking over a cook top may be done.  We view glass to be very fragile and this is the reason why we never consider them as a cooking ware.  Well, be in for a surprise as glass stovetop cookware is now available and it could be subjected to high heat!  We can thank Pyroceram for glass cookware sets which were the offset of what they originally developed to cover the nose of a rocket as it can tolerate extreme temperatures.

One would wonder, why even use a glass cookware set?  Are there any benefits over the more regular cookware, like stainless steel cookware, cast iron cookware or ceramic cookware?  One main advantage of a glass cookware for stovetop is that it is aesthetically pleasant so you have the versatility to use it for your actual cooking and use it afterwards to serve what you just cooked on the table without the need to transfer the dish to another serving ware.  This makes it more convenient and there is less kitchen ware to wash.  But wait; there are more to its versatility!  When you have leftovers in your glass cookware, you also need not transfer it to another container to store the leftover dish in your refrigerator.  Pyrex glass cookware does not only tolerate high heat; it could also handle low to freezing temperatures.  When you need to reheat your dish, you just need to thaw it, if frozen then you may put it in the microwave.

Glass Coo kware Another advantage of using glass cookware is its health benefits.  The possibility of contaminating the dish with metal when using metal cookware is eliminated.  Glass is also not permeable so it is safe on acidic ingredients like tomatoes.

Of course there is no perfect cookware, most especially when misused.  Even the best cookware, if not used properly, will be damaged or create damage.  There have been reported cases of glass cookware breaking and worse, blowing up because of wrong use.  It seems basic that extremely hot glass, one just coming off from the stove top, should not be placed in a cold table top and vice versa, a freezing glass should not be placed in a very hot surface like heated stove top or microwave.  Just to be sure, manufacturers now provide safety guides or “how to use” guides on each cookware.  If used properly, cookware made of glass is safe and very efficient.

Some of the safety precautions when using glass cooking ware are as follows:

  1. When preparing to cook a dish out of meats, it is necessary to put liquid on the lowest part of the cookware.
  2. A glass cookware is safe to use in an oven, provided that it has been preheated.
  3. Do not place a hot dish on a cold countertop as it may break.  To transfer the hot dish to the counter, place a cloth mat on the counter before putting down the hot dish.
  4. Pyrex cookware and the like cannot be used on top of open flamed burners.

Glass CookwareThese are just some of the precautions to take note of that will help you properly use your glass cookware and will prolong its life while preventing harmful accidents.

Now that you are guided on the proper usage of glass cooking ware, you may want to know more on how to clean it.

On regular use, without burn marks, you may just use a simple sponge and dishwashing liquid to clean it off.  Do not use a scouring pad or any abrasive cleaning material to avoid scratching the glass.  Once you have burnt marks on the glass cooking ware, cleaning it may require more than just soaping it.  You may soak it for a while with warm water and dishwashing liquid to allow the burnt areas to.  If it still does not come off, put some baking soda on the burnt area and wipe it off with a cloth until it is removed.  You may also use a glass cleaner, usually with ammonia, if the baking soda doesn’t do the trick.  Just don’t forget to wash it off again with dishwashing soap after to remove any residue.


The Beauty of Enamel Cookware

Have you ever watched a cook show and said to yourself “hey, that’s easy! I can totally do that!,” then you give it a go at your kitchen at home using whatever cookware you have in your cookware sets and you fail to do it as easily as shown in TV?  You wonder where it went wrong.  You bought the same ingredients, followed the recipe to the letter but you miserably failed to achieve the dish you were aiming for.  Well there may be nothing wrong with your cooking; it might be the cooking pans or pots you are using which are making the damage.

A type of cookware you would want to try for a better cooking experience would be the enamel cookware.  This type of cookware is coated with some sort of glass or porcelain.  Enameled cookware allows you to cook your dish without having the ingredients stick on to your cookware, unlike when using stainless steel cookware.  It works like a non-stick pan.  It also provides a thicker bottom for the cookware which is quite important when cooking especially over high temperature and over long cooking times.  Since this type of cookware is coated, it is rust proof, for as long as the coating stays.

The best enamel cookware functions with flexibility.  A specific cookware not only serves or functions one purpose, it can also be used for other dishes that normally is being cooked in another type of cookware.  What’s more is that some of these are also induction cookware which means you are not limited to gas or electric cook top.

Enamel CookwareAnother plus point on this kind of cookware is its aesthetic awesomeness.  Check out a porcelain enamel cookware or a French enamel cookware and see how lovely their designs are.  When you have this cookware, you need not store them inside cabinets as they can make very good decors when you hang them in your kitchen walls.

Enamel cookware is also sought after because of its tested durability.  Like the cast iron cookware, this type of cookware may be passed on generations to generations.  It’s like your secret family recipe!  Unlike cast iron cookware sets, however, enamel is already coated hence there is no extra effort needed to maintain the good quality of the cookware.  No need to season it like in cast iron.  Think of the coating as extra protection, like the cover of a cell phone.

Considering all the advantages mentioned above and in other enamel cookware reviews, it is without a doubt that this type of cookware works nicely in your kitchen and would be a long lasting partner.  As we all know, familiarity and being comfortable with your cookware is a big help in preparing sumptuous dishes.  Now you can cook like a pro, looking at ease while cooking.  You can achieve what you watch on cooking shows right at the comfort of your home.

To ensure that you maintain the good condition of your enamel cookware, kindly review the enamel cookware safety guidelines.  There are many trusted brands that carry this cookware line.  You are now ready to select which one fit your needs and your budget.


Emirilware: All Clad’s Ingenuity and Chef Emeril’s Passion in Cooking

If you are into cooking and have been following different cooking shows, you would certainly be familiar with Emeril John Legasse.  He is an award winning chef who has a regular television cooking program.  He has become popular because of his character and his innovative and sumptuous recipes and dishes.  Because of his influence in the cooking industry, a cookware line has been created and named after him.  It is what we have now as the emeril cookware.

Emeril is very well known for concocting healthy but flavorful dishes making healthy diet appealing instead of appalling.  He did not limit himself to his passion for creating healthy yet delicious meals.  He progressed further to putting his ideas on producing good cookware which would be beneficial to restaurant chefs and even those who just cook at home alike.  Since he is a great chef himself, you are sure that emeril cookware sets work!

EmirilwareEmeril teamed up with one of the best cookware brands for his cookware line, the emeril all clad.  As most of us interested in cooking already know, all clad cookware is already in itself a tried and tested cookware which is being used and recommended by professional chefs.  If you are not yet impressed or convinced with the regular all clad sets, then this may be what you are waiting for, the touch and genius of Emeril collaborating with all clad ltd.

With an emeril cookware set right in your home, you would be able to create delicious dishes for your family and friends to enjoy, without the need of spending too much in a restaurant.   You can do this with your own recipe or if you are up for a challenge, why not try one of Emeril’s recipes with your all clad emeril cookware?  You will surely impress your friends and family with your cooking.

To give you more information on the all clad emeril cookware, here are some of them:

  • Pro-Clad Emerilware – This line is created for extensive home cooking.  The cookware has two outer stainless steels sandwiching an aluminum metal sheet for good heat conductivity.
  • Hard Anodized Emerilware – If you prefer non-stick cookware, this is the cookware line you are looking for.  Not only do you no longer worry about your ingredients sticking, like in a stainless steel all clad pan, washing non stick cookware is relatively easy.
  • Cast Iron Emerilware – If you are looking for cookware that will last generations, then opt for the cast iron.  The cast iron emeril all clad cookware is pre-seasoned so it is ready for use.  It is, however, recommended that you season it again prior to use to make it more lasting.

The tie up of Emeril and All clad is good news for all cooking fans.  For more reviews on the emeril cookware, search for more emeril all clad cookware reviews and read for yourself what the rest are raving about on this cookware line.  You may also check out the actual cookware in an all clad outlet.


Copper Cookware: Is it the one for you?

One of the important considerations of a chef in choosing the cookware to use is its heating capacity.  It is also important that heat is distributed evenly and consistently on the cookware.  It is for this reason that copper cookware is preferred by most chefs.

Copper pans are normally made of various plies of different metals.  Some of the metals that may be layered with copper are stainless steel, aluminum and nickel.  Both copper and aluminum are good heat conductors thus this tandem on a cookware is very ideal.

To give you an idea on whether copper pots and pans are the right cookware for you, let me discuss some of it positive and negative points.


  • As earlier stated, a copper cookware set is preferred by most chefs.  This in itself is almost a guarantee that it works well with most dishes, especially those you love ordering in a restaurant.  Copper cookware sets are sturdy as the copper metal is not brittle and is almost unbreakable. It is also one of the reasons it is preferred as even if you use it day in and day out, it does not easily give in to wear and tear which makes it economical in the long run.
  • FCS24 main view

    FCS24 main view

    Copper pots, a copper frying pan and other copper cookware look really classy.  When not in use, they could serve as impressive decors around the kitchen.  You could put them in display by hanging them on your kitchen walls.  There is no need to hide them inside the kitchen cabinets.

  • Copper has the reddish-brown color which looks very appealing that may exceptionally entice the cook in creating sumptuous dishes.  It is extremely common nowadays that a kitchen has a red theme color because the color red stimulates the appetite.  Now, you don’t even have to paint your kitchen r
    ed if you have a copper pan or a copper pot set as you could use these a accent colors to your kitchen.
  • Copper is a good thermal conductor.  It is known to evenly pan out heat evenly and consistently.  In this aspect, it is far superior that its other metal counterparts like the aluminum.  It is also more superior to glass.
  • Since pots and pans made of copper have good thermal conductivity, it shortens the period of time you have to cook a dish compared when using cookware made of other materials.  Cookware with good heating capacity emits heat faster, better and evenly.  This also lets you avoid the common problem of having hot spots when cooking.
  • Copper cooking pots make polishing optional as copper looks good even without polishing.  Unpolished copper gives out a rustic look so if you have a knack for this vibe; you only need to do regular cleaning without having to polish every now and then.  However, if you like shiny cookware, then polish away!  Copper gives you these options and a lot more.
  • The outer layer of copper pots and pans set, where the cooking happens, is layered or covered by another metal like stainless steel because copper cannot interact with food.  With a smooth stainless steel finish, cleaning the cookware becomes easier.  There are several techniques you can find in the internet on how to clean copper pots and pans.

Copper pots and pans are all these great but of course, there are a few points to watch out for before you can finally decide this is the right type of cookware for you.  These are some of the negative things I observed or experienced with copper pans and copper pots.

  • Copper Cook ware

    Copper is almost an unbreakable metal but it is prone to become deformed as it is malleable.  This is also one of the reasons why it is bonded with other metals when creating a cookware, aside for the fact that copper is toxic and cannot interact with food.

  • Copper is a heavy metal so obviously a copper cooking ware weighs more than other cookware made of other lighter metals.  You must take this in consideration especially if you are petite.
  • Even the best copper cookware is flawed with being prone to discoloration after so many uses.  Also, if you do not clean it well, patina may develop on the exposed copper of the cookware.
  • If you are on a limited budget, one of the major turn offs of a copper cookware is its cost.  The price may almost be double of a regular cookware where other types of metals were used.
  • As mentioned in the first point, copper is toxic and will react to food so it is coated with another non toxic metal for the part where you do your cooking.  You have to take extra caution not to scrape off the non toxic metal coating so you could still use your copper cooking ware.

Now that you know the strong and weak points of copper pots and pans set, you can more or less decide whether this is the suitable cookware for you.


Cookware Shopaholic

For most of us women, especially moms, the most important part of the house is the kitchen.  We may not be chefs but the kitchen is the place in the house where we feel most in control of. This is our place, our haven! The kitchen is where our master pieces are created. This is also where we are most loved.  As the saying goes, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” If guys are into carpentry, most women are into cooking.  Just like in carpentry, we need tools in our kitchen or what we call, the cookware!

Another forte of us women is shopping!  Shopping for cooking ware is therefore twice the fun!  Checking, inspecting and choosing the best cooking ware is an exciting adventure.  There is a wide array of cooking ware sets to select from.  From ceramic cookware, hard anodized cookware, stainless steel cookware sets to titanium cookware.

Visiting cooking ware stores is fun but may be confusing, may get you out of budget and leave you with too many unnecessary cookwares if you do not plan your trip to the store well.  It would be good to research the functions and types of each cookware for different dishes you are interested in trying so you could buy the right one.  It would also be good to research a multifunctional cook ware to save you some money and space on one item instead of buying several.  Watching cooking shows may help you on this.  Also, you could discuss among your friends or fellow moms who love to cook to know which cookware works for whom and for what.  This is also a good way to bond with your friends!  You could also have a cook out and share your recipes with each other.

cookwareAnother consideration when buying a cookware set is selecting the brand.  For this, checking out cookware reviews would be beneficial.  You could more or less know the good points and flaws of each brand by reading the reviews.  You will also have an idea which suits your budget.  The range of the brands in the store may vary from the quite expensive All clad cookware to the more affordable Cuisinart cookware.

It would also be good to know at what intensity you will be using your cooking ware.  It is always good to buy the high quality, durable cookware but if the price is very high and out of your budget, then you may consider another brand.  Some of the more expensive cookware like the calphalon cookware or wolfgang puck cookware are durable but are built more for professional usage or for restaurants who uses them extensively.  If you would only use it for a few dishes, then there are comparable quality brands which may be cheaper and may serve you as well as the more expensive ones.

In my next shopping trip, I am keen on checking out the waterless cookware.  I have seen a demo of this product and it has amazed me.  It’s like cooking with magic!  It would be a nice addition to my kitchen collection.  Imagine, being able to cook food without water, nor oil!  It is also multifunctional and very versatile.  I can’t wait to see this item and know for sure if it’s worth it.  I am always excited to shop for my kitchen but I need to save up for them as well.  I think this one is worth the wait!  Will get my hands on it very soon!