Should You Buy Hard Anodized Cookware

first of all, I must admit I simply adore my hard anodized cookware set. But what is anodized cookware you might ask? Hard anodized aluminum cookware is cookware that has very good properties for cooking and is good heat conductor. I have a set with pots and pans having silicone handles to prevent those heating up. That way you do not need a pot holder, you can use your hands. I actually never buy cookware that doesn’t have some kind of protection on handles. I got burned too many times already.

Anodized Cookware Properties

One good thing is that anodized aluminum cookware is very durable, and it has a film of materials making sure you can cook safely. You would have to try very hard if you want to scratch or dent such cookware. Food doesn’t stick to it, so is us easy to clean. But, unlike standard non-stick cookware,

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you don’t have to worry about scratching it, because you simply won’t be able to do it. It means you can use metal spatula or other metal utensils with it. And all that without worrying that scratching you pots and pans will get you their material in you food.

In most cases it will look similar to cast iron cookware, but when you take it in you hand, you will see it is nothing like that, because it is actually aluminum and thus much lighter. And you can really buy all kind anodized cookware: pans, skillets, big and small pots and even cookware that can go in you oven. Unfortunately anodized cookware is not dishwasher safe, but if you remember it is non stick, there is actually not much problem cleaning it quickly and efficiently. Also got to remember that you can use aluminum on your induction stove if you own one.