This is Why You Must Get Calphalon Kitchen Essentials

Ever been to calphalon kitchen outlet? Now you really should visit one. Cooking with Calphalon is a totally new experience. Once you try, for example, a Calphalon tri-ply, you will never go back to your regular pots and pans. It no surprise that many of pro chefs like to use exclusively calphalon cookware.

Calphalon tri-ply stainless steel pots and pans are non stick cookware with very thick bottom. I would recomend trying out the Calphalon frying pan.

People also love to buy Calphalon contemporary stainless cookware because it just looks so good.

Types of Calphalon Kitchen Utensils

First we have the non stick cookware. It comes with 10 year warranty, which is great. If you want to eat more healthy and eat less fat, this should be your choice.

We also have aluminum Calphalon cookware. Most of Calphalon pots and pans are made from anodized aluminum. Calphalon has actually invented anodized cookware, so if you buying some other cookware, you are getting only a copy. This sets have lifetime warranty.

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Enamel cast iron Calphalon cookware is made to be used both on stove and in oven. It is very good and last for long time. You will not need to buy any more such cookware once you get kitchen essentials from calphalon.


Should You Buy Hard Anodized Cookware

first of all, I must admit I simply adore my hard anodized cookware set. But what is anodized cookware you might ask? Hard anodized aluminum cookware is cookware that has very good properties for cooking and is good heat conductor. I have a set with pots and pans having silicone handles to prevent those heating up. That way you do not need a pot holder, you can use your hands. I actually never buy cookware that doesn’t have some kind of protection on handles. I got burned too many times already.

Anodized Cookware Properties

One good thing is that anodized aluminum cookware is very durable, and it has a film of materials making sure you can cook safely. You would have to try very hard if you want to scratch or dent such cookware. Food doesn’t stick to it, so is us easy to clean. But, unlike standard non-stick cookware,

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you don’t have to worry about scratching it, because you simply won’t be able to do it. It means you can use metal spatula or other metal utensils with it. And all that without worrying that scratching you pots and pans will get you their material in you food.

In most cases it will look similar to cast iron cookware, but when you take it in you hand, you will see it is nothing like that, because it is actually aluminum and thus much lighter. And you can really buy all kind anodized cookware: pans, skillets, big and small pots and even cookware that can go in you oven. Unfortunately anodized cookware is not dishwasher safe, but if you remember it is non stick, there is actually not much problem cleaning it quickly and efficiently. Also got to remember that you can use aluminum on your induction stove if you own one.


All Clad Stock Pot – Must Have in Every Kitchen

Every kitchen needs one thing for sure – a big pot for large amounts of food. Sometimes, you will slow cook meat, soup, pasta, seafoods or any other dish which can then be used for several days. High quality all clad pot will last you a lifetime.

There are a few all clad stock pot sizes, all clad 12 qt stock pot, 8 qt stock pot, even 16 qt one. Unless you have a really big family, i would go with 12qt pot. In case your family is up to 4 members even 8qt will be good enough, I would go for 16 qt one only in case you have 8+ household members.

All clad reviews are a good place to start when looking for a perfect stock pot. Sometimes you migh not only cook meals, but the things which are saved for later like salsa. In this case you will perhaps want to get a bigger pot since salsa can be stored for months and there is no point in making small batches often because it will take almost the same amount of time to do as a big batch.

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As far as for materials, I would never go with cast iron or copper with All Clad stock pots. I would buy high quality stainless steel one (as I did). Both cast iron and copper give you no upper hand , but will cost you dearly. Stainless steel is less expensive, but also efficient as both aforementioned materials when talking about big stock pots.

When you buy you also need to consider the thickness of stock pot bottom. Thick bottom will ensure you will use less energy and can slow cook food getting more quality. Thin ones are also prone to scorching food in the initial phases of cooking when you turn the heat to maximum. You will not have to worry about this with All Clad as they are very well aware of this fact.

Handles? Its true, we rarely talk handles, but these are some of the most important parts when buying big stock pots. All clad pots, even smaller ones, have a very good handles which can withstand even 3 times more weight than it is expected to be in the pot. Also valuable to mention is the fact that all clad handles design is such that you will not get burned as they are made to dissipate heat and keep the handles colder than the pot is. Many cookware doesn’t have this feature, but it is the one you should think about it when buying, especially big stock pots. I sometimes buy one which also has plastic underneath the handles as it also does a good job of keeping handles user friendly.

The cheapest stock pot might not be the best possible solution for you. All Clad stock pot is made to last, and it will last for a long time, even if you use it almost every day. There is nothing to break there, so it is just a matter of taking care not to scratch it or burn it on high temperature stoves.


All Clad Steamer – Your Choice for Better Food

I know many of you do not own any kind of steamer. Now there is a big mistake. Best and most healthy way to cook your vegetables is exactly by steaming it. If you simply cook it in water, water will suck out many goodies from that healthy broccoli of yours. Unless you invest in quick vacuum machine and cook your stuff vacuumed. Which will set you back at least $5000.

Steamers are becoming a must have items in both professional and home use. Maybe you should check out that all clad sale you heard will be next weekend. If you already own all clad stock pot, you can buy only all clad steamer insert and it will fit perfectly. Other all clad pots might also be suitable for steamer. I know all clad pasta pot is. There is also an all clad asparagus steamer you might want to check out in you next visit to all clad outlet.

Advantages of All clad Steamer

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We all want to make cooking fast and easy task, but sometimes you just have to go that extra mile to get benefits from your efforts. The thing is if you buy all clad steamer set, you will have the chance to cook all kind of stuff, even meat, with that new equipment of yours. All clad steamer pot can be bought at any place that sells all clad sets. Different types exist, so you might want to ask the staff to help you out choosing right one for your needs. Some steamers are big, other small, so the capacity id the first thing you might want to think about. Aesthetics will also matter, but to a lesser degree.

Steamer can be used for varouis tasks:

  • melting chocolate
  • cooking vegetables
  • cooking meat
  • keeping cooked stuff warm

You might also want to check out the new All Clad double boiler steamer. This steamer set has a pot, double boiler and smaller pot which fits into large one. One nice advantage is you wont have to worry about burning you food, because you will not burn it with water steam.

As usually your choice might bite you later, so think if you are planing to expand your family and then buy a bigger steamer set rather than a small one. An remember, you will eat more healthy this way, you just need a bit more effort.


Things You Must Know When Buying All Clad Stainless Pots and Pans

Nowadays, if you don’t own all clad stainless cookware, you are losing money and time. It is practical any stylish at the same time. Stainless steel (18/10) cooking pots have become sort of a standard even for an amateur cooks. All clad stainless steel sets are also hand polished and look really nice in your kitchen. It is the best stainless steel cookware you will find anywhere when on budget. Cookware looks just so elegant with these finishing touches.

All clad cookware set

The best thing about this cookware, beside cooking a delicious meals, is that you will look and feel professional but is also suitable for washing in dishwasher and by hand. It will make no difference where you will use it: on induction, gas, electric or any other stove. It will give you the best performance a relatively cheap cookware can.

All clad is very well known name both in house and restaurant uses. Probably the best selling Cookware right now. Many pro chefs worldwide use it today. Although, there is always a chance you will not like it, so i must say this next paragraph.

All Clad

Normal All clad sets are usually not much better than any other brand. BUT, they do have some special ones which are worth mentioning. Personally I am buying only the set or individual pieces which have either aluminum or copper core. Not only are they better for cooking, but are also better looking than normal stainless steel stuff. They tend to get hot quickly and stay hot for longer periods saving your time any money.

Also, copper and aluminum cookware makes cooking surface more evenly distribute the heat, so you don’t have hot or cold spots in your pan or pot. Also their respond time to stove heat change is simply amazing.

When buying copper or aluminum cookware, make sure you know what you are doing. Choose only those that show you how thick the extra metal layer is, because some cookware has is all wrong, using 1/8″ layers which have almost no positive effects we were just discussing. Also it makes a difference what kind of stainless steel is used in making stainless steel pots and pans. Make sure you buy cookware with at least 18/10 markings. 20/12 or 22/12 are even better.

So the bigger the number, you will get better stainless steel cookware set. These numbers explain how much chromium (first number) and nickel (2nd number) are there in the piece you are buying. Chromium is what give the steel its stainless properties. However, more chromium added means steel will be tougher to form, and that is where nickel comes handy because it is very easy to mold it the way you like. So more chromium means you will have a better stainless steel pans or pots, and more nickel means that steel will be easier to form in shape of pots and therefore better quality because material will not have small hole and will be very uniform throughout the whole cookware piece.