Healthy Dishes with All Clad Steamer

Eating healthy dishes is one of the new good trends nowadays.  People have become more health conscious and are more careful with what they eat especially when they make an effort to exercise.  People who sweat it out to lose those extra calories don’t want to ruin it by eating those calories back so they opt for healthier food options.

An All clad steamer can be a big help if you want to prepare healthy dishes.  Depending on the number of persons you are preparing dishes for, you may select the right All clad steamer set.  You have an option on the capacity of All clad steamer pot, there is a 3-quart and a 5-quart.

The best and easiest way to cook vegetables, sealing in all the important nutrients, is to steam them.  By steaming vegetables, you do not add fat as oppose to frying them.  You also do not lose any essential nutrients as the lid of the steamer locks it in. The vegetables do not get in direct contact with the heat source like when you barbecue wherAll-Clad Steamere there is a possibility of burning.  There is also no need to season the vegetables as the flavor is locked in also.

 If you are a fan of asparagus, there is a specific All clad asparagus steamer available.  It is designed tall so that the bottom part of the asparagus, which is generally harder than the rest of stalk, can be submerged to the boiling water while the rest steams.

You may also use your All clad steamer, specifically the double boiler to melt chocolates.  It’s good to indulge once in a while and ironically, you may use the same health friendly All clad double boiler to get that chocolaty goodness.  When melting the chocolate, make sure not to add water to the chocolate. Just dice the chocolate if it is a block and place it on the double boiler.  The smaller the slice of the chocolate, the quicker it will melt.

There are many other types of steamer pots that can fit together.  You may buy them as an All clad cookware All Clad Steamerset or you may also buy individual All clad steamer insert and All clad steamer basket.  Most of these items fit over a sauce pot where you boil the water.  The boiled water lets steam off, cooking your dish in a matter of minutes.

Another type of dish you may cook in a steamer is the Chinese dimsum and dumplings.  Traditionally, these are cook over bamboo steamers but you may also use stainless steel steamer by All clad ltd.  The bottom of the steamer pot from All clad sets are fully encapsulated which provides better heating capacity and better heat means faster cooking time.

For more of your steamer needs, visit any All clad outlet and enjoy your way to a healthy lifestyle.