Cookware Hacks – Especially for your All Clad Sets

To get the best out of your All clad set, it would be useful to know these All clad cookware hacks which may also apply to other cookware in general.

Cookware hack 1 – Heat usage.  All clad cookware sets are made of metals which are good heat conductors.  As such, their cookware generates more heat faster and evenly.  Especially when using the All clad copper core cookware series, set the temperature lower than you normally do with other cookware as the core of this cookware series are two layers of aluminum metal sandwiching a copper metal.  This saves you gas or electric energy and saves you as well from overcooking your food.  With other cookware brands, you may also need to regulate the heat, not because of good heat conductivity but due to inferior metal used to make the cookware.  A cookware made of thin stainless steel may get burned if consistently placed over high heat.  You won’t have this problem, though, with All clad sets as the exterior finish is made of 18/10 stainless steel, this besides its core metals.

 All Clad SetsCookware hack 2 – Sticky pan.  It is frustrating to have your ingredients sticking onto your pan, making it hard for you to flip it over.  Your troubles do not end there.  Washing a sticky pan is yet another challenge.  You want to avoid these all together so I will let you on a simple secret, preheat your All clad pan before tossing in your meat.  The proteins in meat make them stick to the pan when heated.  Glue is made up of protein as well, so you see, food with lots of proteins naturally stick.  Preheating your stainless pan then adding oil or butter and letting it warm on low heat will make the meat glide on your pan effortlessly.  This even works on salmon fillets!

Cookware hack 3 – “Proofing.”  All clad set are safe to be used in ovens.  Have you ever wondered how bread rise and become very fluffy?  If you haven’t achieved this when you are baking breads and the like, use that “proof” function on your oven.  It will make your dough rise so when you finally bake the bread, the final outcome will be fluffy and all!

All Clad SetCookware hack 4 – Proper cleaning.  Cleaning your cookware is very important if you want it to last its natural useful life.  Even just delaying to clean it after use may have an effect or make it harder for you to take off the stains and ingredients stuck to it.  It is also important to know how to properly and safely clean your cookware.  A non-stick pan should not be cleaned with a rough cleaning pad as it will scratch off the non-stick covering.  You would be grateful to know that the stainless All clad cookware set can be cleaned by using an automatic dishwasher.  Of course, it could be washed manually which is more recommended.  To bring out the shine on your stainless cookware depends on how diligent you are in polishing it.  This is different when using All clad pans from their copper core line.  Although the copper core line can also be washed in an automatic dishwasher, the color of copper core has the tendency to become dull after few washes.  You may need a special copper polisher to bring it back to its original luster.  To avoid staining of the copper core, dry the cookware right after wash and be sure that it is totally dry before stocking them inside your cabinets.  To guide you on how to properly clean your cookware, always refer to the user manual and safety guide which comes with every All clad ltd cookware.

Cookware hack 5 – Removing stains.  Cookware stains, like stains on cloths, can be demanding much of your time and energy to remove.  This is why, as mentioned in Cookware hack 4, it is very important to clean your cookware timely as the resulting stain may take your longer to clean off than if you immediately dealt with it.  A good dishwashing soap which can remove stains off your All clad set is the Bar Keepers Friend.  It comes in powder and liquid form and is non-corrosive.  You may use it on your copper All clad d5 set, stainless steel All clad frying pan and most materials used for cookware except cookware with non-stick surface.  Non-stick pan normally should not have problems with stains at nothing should be sticking onto its surface.  A sponge and gentle dishwashing soap should all it take to clean a non-stick pan.

Now that you know these 5 cookware hacks, you should be able to make the best out of your cookware.  It’s true what they say, knowledge is power!  Exercise your power now and create wonderful dishes!  No need to worry about wear and tear with your frequent cooking activities as long as you clean and follow the safety guidelines of your cookware.  For more of your cookware needs, visit any All clad outlet.