Circulon Pans: Experience Professional Cookware in Your Home

When you ask a group of people knowledgeable in the kitchen which brand is the best cookware set, there will be varied responses but you’re sure to hear about Circulon pans.  When you want to invest in good cookware sets, it is important to research each brand and type of cookware you are considering buying.

Circulon is the brand name of the cookware manufactured by Meyer Corporation.  Circulon was created more than forty years ago.  It made the original non stick cookware made out of hard anodized aluminum.  It has been successful in marketing its cookware due to its high quality.  Meyer Corporation has set up factories in different and various countries to manufacture Circulon pots and pans.  The production capacity can go over 2.5 million pans in a year.

Let us go over the main factors which may help you decide why Circulon cookware is one of your best choices if you wish to buy a professional quality cookware set.

Material and Make of Circulon Pans

Circulon Pan As earlier noted, a Circulon pan is a hard anodized cookware.  This type of cookware is mostly used by professional chefs because of its dependability, stability and sturdiness.  Hard anodized aluminum is also a good heat conductor so heat is evenly distributed.  There is no need to worry about hot spots.  This is the reason why anodized cookware became sought after even for household use.

For this reason, Circulon came out with more affordable pots and pans set which is fit for home cooking.  Now you can buy a circulon frying pan with an equivalent high quality without having to pay the high price for a professional cookware like the Circulon premier professional which is made more for restaurant cooking.  It will surely boost your confidence in preparing your sumptuous dishes.

Food Release System

Circulon PansWhat is sometime frustrating when you cook is when food sticks to your pans.  If you are to unable immediately release the food which sticks to the pan, it may get burnt and spoil your dish.  It is also hard to clean food which has stuck to the pan.  This is why Circulon pans were designed with circle grooves and has a three layer of non-stick coating.  With this design, the food which wants to stick to pan will be the one to get frustrated and not the other way around.

You may be surprised by this as most hard anodized pans cannot be used on induction cook top.  Luckily, Circulon thought of integrating a magnetic stainless steel bottom which is needed for cookware to be used on an induction cook top.

Bottom line

You won’t go wrong in choosing Circulon cooking pans.  You get the value of the money you invested and make you feel certain that you can rely on it for your dishes; after all it is being used by professional chefs.

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