Choosing the Best Frying Pan

Fry pans are very handy tools in preparing dishes that require searing and frying. We mostly see them being used in the morning for preparing omelette and bacon served as breakfast. But the frying pan has more uses than just frying eggs and bacons; they are also used to grilling, sautéing and browning foods. Choosing the best frying pan would mean you’ll get the most useful cooking material for your daily use. Yes, a day without frying pans is like a day less than the healthy and delicious breakfast so choosing wisely is very necessary.

Let’s continue our discussion and talk about the best fry pan brands and material available in the market, materials like cast iron fry pans, electric fry pan, stainless steel fry pan or ceramic frying pan which is as much as important as with the brand because they differ when it comes to cooking performance and cookware care instructions. For the different brands of frying pans, quality depends on your preference and convenience. Most reputable brands like all clad, Cuisinart, calphalon are few names that produce the best frying pans when it comes to quality, performance and popularity but as I have said there are numerous brands that also produce similarly quality products with the mentioned brands and it’s just a matter of personal and budgetary preference.

All Clad Frying Pans

Slikovni rezultat za Frying PanFor the different types and make of frying pans, let’s start with the non-stick features. stainless steel frying pan are elegant looking and are durable, it is also corrosion free and it’s easy to maintain an clean however, on its non-stick feature it is not as great as cast iron frying pan in which if seasoned well, will produce one of the best non-stick pans that you could ever have. But the best non-stick frying cook ware for me is hard anodized because it is built for such features and the durability is superb. Electric frying pans are also handy, they come in different sizes, shapes and materials but most of them are non-stick in features. Deep frying pan is a good choice for frying foods that require deep frying like fried chicken, and potato fries. Other make of frying pans are ceramic and even glass frying pan but nevertheless needed to be preheated and liberally seasoned with oil prior cooking.

When choosing frying pans, make sure that you choose pans that do not contain PFOA, this is a chemical which is toxic and that is found in studies to be a contributory factor to thyroid disease. To make sure that the pan that you are going to buy is free from this chemical always try to seek opinions from other users by looking for frying pans reviews online or in magazines and always read the label of the product before buying. Remember, choosing wisely before buying is the best practice for you to have your desired frying cookware that you will be using for the coming years.