How to Keep Your Non Stick Frying Pan in Good Condition for a Long While

When purchasing a cell phone, you are not only provided with the cell phone unit itself, the charger and headsets normally go with it as well as they are necessities for you to be able to fully use the cell phone.  This goes true with purchasing non stick fry pans, when you buy one, attached sales to it are a non-metal utensil and a soft cleaning material like sponge or scouring pad with soft cloth bristles.

To guide you on the proper use and care of your non stick frying pan, here are some points to ponder on:

  1. After buying your brand new non stick fry pan from your favorite cookware store and taking it home to your kitchen, don’t immediately use it without washing it first with warm water and mild soap.  Use sponge or other soft cleaning material when washing non stick frying pans.  After washing, you need to either air dry the pan or using soft cloth or paper towels.
  2. Once your pan is clean, you need to season it by pouring a small quantity of edible oil and spreading it out to the whole pan using a paper towel.  After this procedure, you may now use the frying pan.
  3. Non Stick Frying PanWhen preheating even the best frying pan which is non stick, the maximum setting of heat you should use is medium.  Do not go above medium as it will compromise the coating of your pan.  Anyway, most dishes you would cook using non stick pans need not be cooked over high heat.
  4. Except if you are using a non stick deep frying pan, you do not need to use a lot of cooking oil on your non stick pan.  A very thin layer of cooking oil maybe enough already to prepare your dishes.  You may just spray oil over your non stick pan.  This is one of the beauties of this type of pan.  It also is a healthier option to prepare food.  This is one advantage non stick has over stainless steel frying pan.
  5. In order to preserve the coating of your non stick pan, avoid scratching the coating when cooking or even storing.  When you are cooking, use stirrers or spatulas which are non metal.  You may use utensils made out of rubber or wood.  When storing, it is better to hang non stick pans than stack them together to avoid possibility of scratching the coating.
  6. Even the best fry pan needs to be cleaned out immediately and thoroughly after use if you want it to last a long life.  Repeat the washing process as indicated in point number one, above.

The non stick fry pan is a convenient partner in the kitchen.  It will lessen your frustration when preparing dishes as it eliminates the problem of the ingredients sticking on to the pan.  If you would like to try other types of fry pans, try a stainless steel fry pan or a ceramic frying pan and compare the differences.


Emirilware: All Clad’s Ingenuity and Chef Emeril’s Passion in Cooking

If you are into cooking and have been following different cooking shows, you would certainly be familiar with Emeril John Legasse.  He is an award winning chef who has a regular television cooking program.  He has become popular because of his character and his innovative and sumptuous recipes and dishes.  Because of his influence in the cooking industry, a cookware line has been created and named after him.  It is what we have now as the emeril cookware.

Emeril is very well known for concocting healthy but flavorful dishes making healthy diet appealing instead of appalling.  He did not limit himself to his passion for creating healthy yet delicious meals.  He progressed further to putting his ideas on producing good cookware which would be beneficial to restaurant chefs and even those who just cook at home alike.  Since he is a great chef himself, you are sure that emeril cookware sets work!

EmirilwareEmeril teamed up with one of the best cookware brands for his cookware line, the emeril all clad.  As most of us interested in cooking already know, all clad cookware is already in itself a tried and tested cookware which is being used and recommended by professional chefs.  If you are not yet impressed or convinced with the regular all clad sets, then this may be what you are waiting for, the touch and genius of Emeril collaborating with all clad ltd.

With an emeril cookware set right in your home, you would be able to create delicious dishes for your family and friends to enjoy, without the need of spending too much in a restaurant.   You can do this with your own recipe or if you are up for a challenge, why not try one of Emeril’s recipes with your all clad emeril cookware?  You will surely impress your friends and family with your cooking.

To give you more information on the all clad emeril cookware, here are some of them:

  • Pro-Clad Emerilware – This line is created for extensive home cooking.  The cookware has two outer stainless steels sandwiching an aluminum metal sheet for good heat conductivity.
  • Hard Anodized Emerilware – If you prefer non-stick cookware, this is the cookware line you are looking for.  Not only do you no longer worry about your ingredients sticking, like in a stainless steel all clad pan, washing non stick cookware is relatively easy.
  • Cast Iron Emerilware – If you are looking for cookware that will last generations, then opt for the cast iron.  The cast iron emeril all clad cookware is pre-seasoned so it is ready for use.  It is, however, recommended that you season it again prior to use to make it more lasting.

The tie up of Emeril and All clad is good news for all cooking fans.  For more reviews on the emeril cookware, search for more emeril all clad cookware reviews and read for yourself what the rest are raving about on this cookware line.  You may also check out the actual cookware in an all clad outlet.


Which is the Best Stainless Steel Cookware for Me?

A stainless steel cookware is one of the best types of cookware you can have.  First and foremost, the strength of this metal is no doubt superb that’s why it’s an ideal metal for a cookware.  It can stand constant heating and with the combination of either aluminum or copper, which are good heat conductors, you’re on your way to a great cooking experience.

Secondly, stainless steel pans do not react with food, even with acidic ingredients like tomatoes.  It is also very easy to clean and you may use mostly any kind of utensils, unlike with non-stick pans.  Lastly, stainless steel is very elegant looking.  Its beauty will inspire to cook delectable dishes more often.

What is the best stainless steel cookware?  Let’s have a look at some of the popular brands carrying stainless steel cookware sets and you can decide for yourself which one is the best stainless steel cookware:

Cuisinart stainless steel cookware – One of the best stainless steel pans in the market at affordable prices.  It is a classic beauty with a mirror finish with an aluminum core bottom for even heat distribution at base.  It has handles which stays cool even while cooking.  It is dishwasher safe so it is easy to clean and has a lifetime warranty.

Calphalon stainless steel cookware – They have a tri ply stainless steel cookware which combined stainless steel and aluminum metal which is a good heat conductor.  It has a satin finished interior and a polished exterior.  It is safe to be used in ovens and broilers and may also be used on induction cook tops.  It may be cleaned by a dishwasher but hand washing is recommended.  It has a tempered glass cover lid.

best stainless steel cookware

Kitchenaid stainless steel cookware – Their stainless steel pots and pans comes in three nice colors selection of the exterior finish.  It has a flat magnetic stainless steel base which makes it possible to be used in induction cook tops, among others.  The handles of the cookware is safely riveted onto it.  Measurements are engraved on the inside of the pots for easy reference.

All clad stainless steel cookware – Probably the best stainless steel cookware but also one of the priciest is the All clad brand.  They have a wide array of stainless steel cookware to choose from.  They have the 3-ply and 5-ply line.  The 3-ply line has an aluminum core while the 5-ply line has a copper core, two layers of aluminum and two layers of stainless steel.  They use stainless steel grade 18/10.  It is dishwasher safe, oven safe, may be used on induction cook top and oven up to 500 degrees.  They offer lifetime warranty for their cookware.

These are the top rated stainless steel cookware.  Which one is best for you depend on different factors like how much you cook, which dishes you often cook and how much your budget is.  With the many options available, you will surely find the best quality stainless steel cookware that’s exactly right for you.  If you are interested to know more, check out other best stainless steel cookware reviews.


Are All Clad Cookware Worth their Price?

You may be wondering why All clad cookware cost more than other cookware brands.  Is it really because of the quality or just good marketing hype that they could get away with higher price?  Is there really an advantage to spending your hard earned money on expensive cookware?

Let’s break down the reasons why All clad cookware commands higher prices:

  1. Materials – All clad ltd uses high grade metals which they bond together to create a sturdy cookware.  They use the combination of stainless steel, aluminum and copper depending on which line of cookware you choose.  They have the All clad stainless steel line and the All clad copper line which are made of either 3-ply or 5-ply of various metals.  The materials used have their own qualities which add to the functionality of each cookware.  Aluminum and copper metals are good heat conductors which ensure efficient generation and distribution of heat.
  2. all clad warrantyCraftsmanship – Most All clad pans and All clad pots are proudly American made.  As in their brand name, the materials are meticulously clad together to create a strong cookware.  As you may understand, labor cost in America is much higher than labor cost in other countries so this contributes to the higher cost of the end product.
  3. All clad warranty – The All Clad brand is confident of their cookware and offers an All clad lifetime warranty on most of its products.  This warranty is your assurance that you have made a good kitchen investment which may be passed on to generations.
  4. Design – While other cookware brands only have core on the bottom of their pans and pots, the core of All clad sets run even on the sides of the cookware.  This way, heat is not only concentrated on the bottom, but evenly on the whole cookware.

Tips on Buying All Clad Cookware with Warranty

  1. Buy individual cookware.  While it’s true that you save some money in buying an All clad 10 piece set than buying each of the 10 piece separately, you may not really need everything in that set so it’s better to just buy the specific cookware you need.  Unless, you are giving it as a very generous gift to somebody you treasure.
  2. Buy “seconds.”  These are good, functional discount All clad cookware due to minor cosmetic defects.  Since these are just minor cosmetic defects, they don’t really affect the way you cook.  If you’re not the OCD type, these are a great option and will save you some money.
  3. Take advantage of the All clad factory sale.  This happens twice a year so save up for it.  If shopping for a new cookware can wait until these “sales” to happen, it will save you a lot to wait for it.

What really sets All clad apart from its competitors is their superior quality, better design which allows ease, comfort and safety in use and the All clad warranty.  These factors give you peace of mind and a good cooking experience.  Having All clad stainless steel set in your kitchen also gives you a sense of security and pride.  It is also like a piece of art, something you can talk about when friends visit.  All these extras you get with an All clad pan is something other brands may not be able to provide you with.


All Clad Stock Pot – Essential Cookware for Your Kitchen

Stock pots may be considered the most important and multi functional cookware you can have in your kitchen.  It can be used to prepare soups, stocks, broths and sauce.  It can also be used to boil eggs, potatoes, pasta, meat and sea shells.  You can also use it as a steamer for vegetables if you prefer a healthier dish.

An All clad stock pot is a excellent quality stock pot which will last you a lifetime.  It comes in different sizes.  There is the All clad 8 quart stock pot, 6 quart and the All clad 12 qt stock pot. Depending on the quantity of dish you would be cooking using All clad stock pots, the right size is available for your needs.

To give you a brief guide on which size of stock pot is suitable for you, a 6-quart stock pot can make you a soup good for about 6-7 people, if they like your soup!  This is already good for a family.  If you frequently have extended relatives or friends over, the All clad 8 qt stock pot would be recommendable.  Although the All clad stock pot 12 qt may be able to get you to prepare more of your
dish, it may be too big already for your kitchen and may make it hard for you to move around.  When you have a big kitchen then the 12-quart stock pot or bigger should not be a problem.  If you have a small kitchen, then you can do with the 8 quart or smaller and just prepare two of stock pots.

All Clad Stock PotAs with most All clad cookware, the materials used in creating their stock pots vary.  Most have a stainless steel finish, some have aluminum core, others have copper core and there are some which have numerous ply of these varied metals.  There is also a non-stick or anodized All clad pot.  The thicker the ply of metals used in creating the stock pot, the more expensive it is.  A thick stock pot prevents your dish from easily getting overcooked.  It may be more expensive but it’s worth it.  Take advantage of an All clad sale to get better value for your money.

Another thing that may be important in buying a stock pot, especially the bigger capacity ones is that you can trust its handle not to give way because of the weight.  Like other All clad pots and pans, the handles of the All clad stock pot are riveted onto it and not welded.  This ensures that it won’t come off accidentally, especially during transferring the whole stock pot right after you finish your dish or in the middle of doing your dish.

Be wise in buying your stock pot.  Take note that most of the time, price is synonymous to quality.  A reliable brand may sometimes be more expensive but if you can use the product for a lifetime, then you actually made an investment instead of an expense.