All Clad Slow Cooker Review

I own many kitchen appliances, but All Clad Slow Cooker is probably the best investment i made in that department. I own it for almost two years and I’m using it regularly 2 or 3 time s week. I owned a cheap slow cooker, which was basically a test to see if this kind of appliance will suit me. So i went for a little bigger and perhaps not the cheapest one on the market, but being familiar with All Clad’s products, i was sure I am going to get a good deal for my money.

All Clad Slow Cooker features

This product is a programmable slow cooker, with 3 setting – warm, low and high. You can adjust the time of cooking in half an hour intervals. After its done cooking it will automatically switch itself to warming mode. Removable crock is easy for maintenance, and in this cooker you can put 2 medium sized chicken or perhaps big pot roast. Cooking time doesn’t really depend on how much you put in, so cooking time is same for 1 or 2 chicken. All Clad Slow Cooker I love to make my family a roast or stew even if I am not at home, and this cooker made it possible more than any other appliance i have.

Slow cooker recipes

Well, the recipe book is fortunately very thin, almost non existent, but nowadays people get their recipes from online  sources and that is not really much of a let down. Cooker doesn’t heat the environment, so you can use it in summer days the same way as in winter. Though I did a little more cooking in the winter, due to type of food you eat in winter. All Clad Slow Cooker is surely made for those winter meals. Some people reported they had problems with ceramic insert and that All Clad doesn’t supply spare parts. I believe this is actually a local problem, and should be accounted to shops which sold them, as those shop clerks were the ones saying people those information. I had a totally different experience. I had a problem with one of legs (made of rubber) which melted and had no problem getting a new one without a receipt. When all sums up, i think this will be one of my permanent kitchen appliances, probably forever.